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PROJECT CHILD FIND * Children (ages 3-21) * Including migrant and homeless children

Region V school districts are sponsoring a Child Find campaign to locate and provide services for unserved/underserved youth, including migrant and homeless children with a delay or disability from birth through twenty-one years of age. Children may exhibit physical, mental, language or emotional difficulties. Local District’s Child Study Teams provide screening, evaluation, guidance services and, if a child is found eligible, educational programs. These are provided free for those who need services.

If you would like to request an evaluation for your child, please send a written request for an evaluation to your public school district child study team office. Please include your child’s name, age, address and suspected disability and your contact information.

After your request is received, your local district will set up an appointment. The team will decide at the time of the appointment whether an evaluation is needed.

If you are concerned your child ages 3-21 is developing or learning differently, you may call the Region V office or your local child study team:

Bergenfield: (201)385-6956

Cresskill: (201)227-7791 ext. 1202

Dumont: (201)387-3086

Maywood: (201)845-9110 ext. 1118

New Milford: (201)261-0640 ext. 1260

Oradell: (201)261-1180 ext. 1003

Ridgefield: (201)943-2682

River Dell Regional: (201)599-7219

River Edge: (201)261-1993 ext. 331

Teaneck: (201)833-5486

Tenafly: (201)816-4534

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